Welcome to Gift This App.

Gift This App is a personal project, it’s for me to remember deals on products and highlight special offers on things that I could do with. As a by-product of that, I thought why not just publish awesome curated finds from Amazon and other online retailers?

Online shopping is noisy

It’s very loud, there’s so much going on. Offers left right and of course centre. I’m a simple man at heart, I like things simple, so curating products from different online retailers makes sense.

Well at least to me.


Keep it simple stupid, that’s my mantra.

No over fluffing products in a sell, sell, push, push way. Just highlighting deals on products I have come across in my travels in the high seas of the web.

It’s a bit of fun for me. I love internet shopping and cooing and aahing at various products.

Things I need and want, to products that I’ll only ever buy if I won the lottery.

Gift This App will have it all, in a nice simple and easy to read way.

It’s a one-man operation

Yup, Gift This App, is a one-person outfit, so don’t expect a bajillion deals and offers all at once, it’s not possible. However, I will be updating the website with awesome finds.

I don’t actually sell anything on Gift This App!!

Important to note, I don’t actually sell anything on Gift This App, I just link to products of interest, these links will be affiliate ones, you can find out more about that on my disclosure page here.

Are you a retailer?

I can’t do it all on my own, and I welcome online retailers to send me info on products and special offers they would like to share.

Reviews on products AKA Review Policy.

As part of Gift This App, I will be reviewing products and posting my findings warts and all. Please see below for my review policy:

  • All reviews on Gift This App are carried out without influence from retailers or product vendors
  • If I’m sent a product for review I will mention it as a statement on the review itself.
  • Just because I’m sent a product for free, it does not mean I will give a favorable review, I am objective by nature and prefer to inform rather than mislead.
  • Paid for reviews, if an online retailer offers a product for a paid review. I will again mention it. By the same token as being sent a free product, the review will not be blinkered by favoritism in lew of payment.
  • All reviews are unbiased, I prefer it that way. Gift This App is a personal project, I’d prefer to be honest as if I was a visitor trying to find out more about a product without reading general fluff in favor of a product.

If your a retailer why not get in touch?