Gift This App Launches

Gift This App a go go.

I’ve tinkered around for ages thinking of a use for the domain name Gift This App (
First, it was going to be about apps for your phone, then something else, and so on.
Ideas came and went, till it hit me.

Amazon product curation with Gift This App

Why not create a curated product website, with awesome finds from Amazon, and other online retailers?
Write about them, maybe review them and just generally have fun? So Gift This App was born.
It’s a curated content website, highlighting deals, offers, and products that just plain old look awesome. It’s a bit of fun for me and hopefully you.
I’ve kept the site incredibly simple and plain, minimal works for me. Fewer things to clutter up the site and focus on products/deals.

Gift This App is a one-man outfit

Yup, just little old me. So I guess I better tell you about me then right?
Well, I’m 41, what some millennials would probably call ‘well past it‘. That being said, I do have lengthy experience in purchasing products online.
I know where to get stuff cheaper, what to buy and what not to buy.
So I thought I’d share my experiences with reviews, highlight offers and cool tech I’ve come across on my travels.
Gift This App is a personal site, it’s not a corporate one, it’s a blog/product directory hybrid. You can find out more about Gift This App and how I run things here.

So if you like something a little different…

You’ll probably like Gift This App, I make no bones about it, this blog is a personal project if it takes off great! If it doesn’t I’ll still keep plugging away. Why?
Because it’s something fun for me to do, hopefully, you’ll see that in the content/posts I’m putting out there.

If you’re a retailer get in touch!

If you’d like to get hold of me on Gift This App, maybe to review a product, list a product deal etc. Then please do so, I’d love to hear from you and work with you.

Retailers, get in touch here

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